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was captured on surveillance video we were able to watch. apartment managers did not let us use the video on air but helped the police determine what happened. >> at one point in the video, a dark subject that evidently fell, broke the railing here, and landed basically where we're standing right now. >> police believe the sonoma state college student was hanging from who pieces of wooden rail that came loose from the third floor. police say alcohol was involved. >> the subject indicated he had been drinking, but i can't indicate how much he had been drinking. we are not going to do a toxicology report. >> residents we talked to said glen's fall caused a commotion. >> i was laying in bed and i heard like, till, tyler, plies don't go out. >> they say there are often loud alcohol-fueled partiness the complex, something they're used to because it's a student residence. >> a lot of times there's roommates underage and roommates that are overage so they buy the roommates booze if they want it. >> police are not focusing on alcohol use by a mine you're. >> our biggest concern was there was not
team for to us do that was just incredible. such a blessing to be a part of that. >> giants have wonderfulful stories on the roster, marco scutero's 500 in the league championship series. he was named mvp of the series. he will take the field for the first time tomorrow night. as the dream continues for marco. >> i woke up this morning around 10:00 or 11:00 like was that a dream? just happy to have an opportunity to live this experience. >> the only thing that went wrong was manager bruce bocci calling and calling barry zito over and over again to try to tell him good news, you're going pitch game one. could not reach zito. so manager had to wait for the face-to-face. what are the plans for tim lincecum? we'll have that later on in sports. >> so here we are again getting ready to cheer. it's fun and big business former chants. mayor ed lee declared giants pride week in san francisco. abc 7 news is live tonight. wayne, not much time to get ready for this. in 24 hours the stadium will be loud and orange. people goring to be wearing giants gear. they're going crazy. we heard today t
for interview issuing a statement saying the lawsuit has no merit. the blood center says it quote uses single use needles and that this type of infection is rare and to our knowledge has been never been associated with a blood donation. askedding -- adding the center confirms with safety regulations. his lawyer discovered some of the blood had been sold for research. he says they uncovered documents revealing that the center was selling donor blood to research firms on a regular basis. >> the crux of the lawsuit is that stanford blood center misrepresents what they do with people's blood and misrepresents the fact that they make a lot of money out of your blood donations.. >> it's like getting kicked in the stomach. >> he says the revelation was shocking. he says he began donating 20 years ago after being told there was a critical need for his blood type. >> i'm cmv negative donor. this means my blood gets used for premature infants. and so from the beginning that is why i was told where it went. >> buoy showed us this letter telling him just how much his blood was needed to make a difference
being used. >> you have tan opportunity to do your protests within reasonable hours. you just can't live in the space. >> and city official as agreed. the mayor and oakland police department have promised to pro test free speech rights. but anything beyond that will not be tolerate ootd city of oakland, oakland police don't condone criminal acts. >> public outcry led to an investigation into the department and policies. iraq war veteran suffered a fractured skull and was hospitalized after being hit. today he returned to where it started and denounced police force. >> i want to pressure them to make changes.. >> police have been clear, they'll not allow tents to go up, and they're ready to respond to any signs of violent outbreaks or vandalism. >> criminal acts are not consistent with the over all message. >> once again i want to take you to a live view over frank ogowa plaza. there is a march planned for today. earlier this month disciplinary action was recommended for several officers involved however, they were recommendations. each officer is afforded due process. many are working th
complaints from residents say these vehicles are use as homes and stay parked on streets for long periods. the bans going from midnight until 6:00 a.m. it mostly affects areas near the beach and golden gate park. >> south bay city of milpitas may be joining other cities in outsourcing the police department but proposal to make that switch took an unexpected turn. david louie is live. david? >> this is clear budgets make services vulnerable that. is how the police department finds on the potential chopping block. it costs $22 million a year to operate. the city council wanted to find out could they save money by outsource something now, they may never find out. 95 office yefrz found themselves in the cross hairs. three of the five decided to explore outsourcing to save money. reaction was immediate. there are posters a web site, and citizens began to speak out. >> this doesn't work. quality isn't g service is not good. and we don't have compassion that we do from our police department here. >> residents have seen cut backs. and park and landscape maintenance were outsourced. 42 city employ
looking for when storming into a home this afternoon. that was s.w.a.t. officers using a nash bang device less than two hours ago. they fwheent a house on 21st street in west oakland. officer dz not find anyone inside of the home. investigators looking for this man. a 27-year-old wanted in a homicide that took place on september 6th. police want to hear from you if you have seen this man. >> an important new sign tonight that the bay area economy sim proving. the median price of houses sold in nine-county area last month rose to $429,000, up 4.6% from august and 17.5% from last year. contra costa county numbers were strong, up 27%. san francisco prices up 21 srs. abc 7 news has our story from oakland. >> the tangled web that is the bay area real estate market sun winding. for those who have been waiting for home prices to inch back up. with median home price now topping $379,000, this realtor says the market is finally picking up. especially for sellers this is very exciting for jerls after many years of them watching their property values go down. >> prices increased because inventory is
's not a major life changer but will ta a while to get used to it. >> there aretwo reasons, first there are more people opening up phone lines in santa clara county. secondly wem people have more devices requiring their own numbers. take me. i have a personal cell phone, a work cell phone. an ipad and a work lap top that needs its own number, too. there are other devices like atms. so santa clara county is running out of number combinations of the 408 today. november 20th a second code, 669 will be added allowing phone companies to keep pace. most phone companies will be assigned its something to get used to, i guess, nothing out of the world. >> as for those of you with the 408 number, you get to keep it if you like. >> you got mail. coming up tonight here on abc 7 news people made that phrase famous attempting a big come back. aol generates a new idea. >> i'm spencer christian. clouds at the coast and we'll probably see a different weather picture tomorrow. >> tonight how you can help nasa investigate the meteor that fell to earth that landed in the bay area the other night. >> pedal power tak
around. anyone and everyone will be arrested. it's a family affair they tell us. police being stern about warnings. >> the key word will be crowd management. as carolyn reported there may be a million or more people out tlchl the police chief, d.a.and city attorney sent out messages if you're going to cause trouble we're going to get you. they don't want a repeat of sunday. abc 7 news learned police believe they've identified this man using a barricade to shatter windows of a muni bus. sunday fight, police took 35 people into custody. the district attorney says of the 11 cases they're prosecuting nine of them. most for various felonies including arson and stealing an iphone. >> we expect some of the cases we've seen where they have been damaged to city vehicles and properties around the city. >> the city attorney says if there was vandalism, he'll take them to civil court. >> we'll go after you and seek restitution and damages coming out of your pocketbooks for damage that you do to city property. >> the vandalism and trouble happen at night them shot up fire works and barrel bombs. they
a stable funding source to help us preprevent lashlgest wildfire autos and i would like to get my name in there to see if we can get cancelled out. >> in sacramento abc 7 news. >> there is gas stations beginning to run dry this, owner has shut down because he'd have to charge $6 a gallon to turn a profit. gasoline are at the lowest they've been in five years, experts blaming it on a supply problem caused in part by the chevron refinery fire in august and pipeline outages in other parts of the state. and the average price in california is now $4.32 a gallon. and that is up eight cents overnight. and 20 cents in just the past week. and a $5 a gallon a more is not out of the question we're told. >> and a 65-year-old marine in jail accused of killing two close friends. there are police say he walked from his house to neighbor as cross the street and gunned his friends down in the front yard. abc 7 news is live at vallejo police headquarters. do they know why he did this yet? >> there are police releasing no new details but neighbors and friends tell us they'd often argue and debate about i
to shake stands to give us smiles. and we'll give encouraging words. >> there is the office of the president admits this is a political trip. his next stop tonight, a concert featuring john legend. tickets for,000 people cost $100 to 200s skpdz they began lining up going through screening hours in advance. >> thisxd is importantp because it's historical. >> just to see him in person. there is just a thrill. >> the president drew a few protestors. this group opposes the war in afghanistan.ñr and says he knows this is a hostile audience, but he's pranting seed autos ob yaum yaum -- obama being the worst president in the country's history hands down. >> why? >> we don't have that much time. >>1e and there is sound and sites from the campaign visit. the happiest people may be a greeting party. because mr. obama stopped to shake hands. >> there is what i can think of is wonder tofl meet you. it's a wonderful moment for me he will remember that as long as he is the president. his next event is the $20,000 a plate dinner. and alice waters is in the kitchen at that event. it's goi
that we want here in-house at the police department is a dirty cop. it hurts the community and us as an organization. it's wrong. >> he says recent cuts and pension reform measures angered many officers and says the cheaters feel entitled to work the system. >> i see officer goesing in there. there is probably a bunch of people like me that just wants to do the right thing. and they're on thin ice. >> a representative says it's reviewed the complaint and finds the claims unsubstantiated and will aggressively defend the lawsuit. >> if you've been to barns and mobile recently, your bank accounts could be in jeopardy. thieves managed to skim personal information at the check out counter. abc 7 news is live at one of them tonight with the story. >> just to be clear we're talking about those little boxes with number pads that are separate from the cash register add tached by a cable. barns and noble doesn't know how many people might have been compromised but they're working to try to figure that out right now. barns and noble says it was targeted by quote a criminal effort. one pin pa
in tennessee. >> san francisco police are warning muni riders to be careful when using their smart phones. there have been thousands. thousands of thefts reported this year. if you're not paying attention, authorities say you're wearing a target on your back. we're live with the story. that is an incredible number of thefts. >> that is right. about 2000. but that is what police are saying in this flyer. don't be a target. they're also saying with the release of the new iphone 5, the ingleside police district and officers will be on heightened alert and you should be, too. >> we're concerned about people getting properties stolen. >> police officers handed out flyers at this station. they want smart phone owners to be aware thieves may be watching and ready to snap devices. first is surveillance video of an incident. the man watching the woman on the bottom of the screen. she's focused on the smart phone, paying no attention to surroundings. the bus about to stop. the robber, getting ready. he snatches a phone and runs off the bus. here it is one more time. police say half of the robberies
happened to be standing to grab the rails and there is a big bang. and then, they came and told us we've got to get out. >> this is unclear how fast the train was valving but took several hundred feet to stop. and he said the train glided on one wheel before tipping over. >> i just seen people with broken arms and legs and scratches and babies looking like just dirt balls covered in dirt all over heir ears. just, i gave that baby my shirt. >> chp officials say the big rig driver and passengers were taken to the hospital in good condition. investigators say the passengers injured range from three months old to elderly. >> and the coast guard suspended a search for two fisherman that disappeared yesterday after their boat cap sized. it was hit by a huge wave and then flipped over. two survivors wearing life jackets made it to the shore and phoned for help. but a 46-year-old is still missing and neither man was wearing a life vest. and there are family and friends held a search for any sign of loved one autos we're very, very concerned and have looked all over, looking everywhere to see
. there is what are some of what is left behind. here is a picture sent to us. this is much of it collected on the ground. here is another picture of hail, take a look at the hail storms, there is especially this location for here in the bay area. and there is what you call a handful of hail. and there is a a hail storm someone picked up. happy to report weather seems to be calming down a bit but it's not over yet. i'll give you a look at the accu-weather forecast later. >> spencer, thank you very much. we have more breaking news tonight. a 12-year-old girl shot and being treated now. it apriled in east oakland and there you can see it on the map. nick sminl is on the scene live tonight. what do you have? >> there is still information from the police department as we speak. and there is some video. there are four markers on the ground what. police tell us is that they responded around 5:00 to the report of a shooting. when arriving on the scene waits reported to them a 12-year-old girl had been shot but transported to an area hospital with nine life threatening injuries. back here live, you
allowing winter gasoline to be used sooner in california will certainly provide additional supply and that would help the prices. >> and there are u.s. epa rarely grants waivers. last one was after hurricane katrina. and because california has special restrictions to ensure we have cleanest gas in the world this state new sign off first. >> there is a layer of activity that has to take place legally. >> and there is not everyone thinks california should switch so soon when temperatures can be on the high side thchl week, parts of the state suffered through a heat wave. and this is california gasoline that cuts emissions that causes smog. >> with the exxon mobile torrance refinery back on line, supply should increase, wholesale prices dropped 40 cents to 50 cents but won't be reflected at the pump until next week, expect prices to stay high for a few more days. the oil industry says california needs to build more refineries, pipelines and storage but that is not as easy as it seem autos difficulty is that californians don't want to have facilities that they perceive to be degrading
seemed to be admiredders. he mirkarimi and lopez spoke to us outside. >> i'm happy with all of this support. i hope the mayor and supervisors listen to people because this is the message. >> this is a culmination of what has been an amazing ordeal, agonizing to the family. >> the meeting started at 2:00 with a packed chamber and standing room only. the ethics commission spoke about the decision in august. >> by a vote the commission decided that this mayor suspended charges of official misconduct on the basis of physical abuse from the sheriff. >> the deputy city attorney presented the case asking the supervisors to uphold the suspension. >> the sheriff in the testimony to them minutized and sanitized his events. that he was not truthful and forth coming. >> attorney david wagner represented mirkarimi. >> the punishment does not fit the crime. >> and the mayor never alleged he committed official misconduct in performance of duties. >> and david hsu hopes they'll take the vote but if they don't they can vote next week. if they don't vote next week he is reinstated as sheriff.
and after hearing about dr. fred's misfortune, the giants are happy to play ball telling us they will replace that cherished lincecum jersey. >> that is nice of the giants. that is great. >> in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> giants may be the talk of the town. keep in mind tomorrow is 49ers day here on abc 7. we'll air at 5:00. tonight at 6:30 we're going to preview coverage we have planned for you. we have a lot. tune in at 6:30 tonight and tomorrow. >> judge set bail at half a million dollars today for each of two men charged with stabbing a football fan outside of the 49ers game. the 22-year-old and 30-year-old were arraigned today in the hall of justice. they pleaded not guilty to assault with a deadly weapon. police say the incident escalated into a physical confrontation because the victim was wearing a dallas cowboys jersey. >> the former head of the santa clara valley health plan and hospital system scheduled to be arraigned on drug charges. the 61-year-old is accused of trading prescription drugs for cash and methamphetamines. prosecutors say he provided drugs to min
. it happened in the mallard lake area of the park at 4:00 m. police tell us the man dragged the woman into the bushes. no word if she suffered any injuries. >> two residents are saved after escaping a house fire in daly city today. i it was reported shorely -- shortly after noon. 14 cats and two dogs were rescued from the residences but two of the cats later died. >> apple is not responding to conflicting reports about problem at china's factory where iphones are manufactured. they're denying the workers staged a strike to protest working conditions, but a workers advocacy group says there was a work stoppage that temporarily paralyzed production lines. >> now to this weekend's big story, all the events going on in san francisco, from fleet week and america's cup to parades and festivals. hundreds of thousands of people have flowed into the city. sergio fin can a -- quintana is live with a look. reporter: i was checking out twitter and there's actually a hash tag assigned to this weekend. big bay weekend. and that's in part because some people are estimating that about a million peopl
. hurricane sandy has that yet made landfall in the u.s. but its fierce winds and rain still are making travel difficult in ocean city, maryland. maryland has already declared a state of emergency. after being briefed by federal officials on the movement of the storm, president obama had this to say -- my main message to everybody involved, we have to take this seriously. my message to the governors and the mayors is, anything they need, we will be there. >> many or heeding the warnings, from north carolina to maine. >> i don't know what to expect at this point. we had irene here, had winds of 80 miles-per-hour sustained, and that was -- >> forecasters fear sandy could u-merge with the cold front, bringing up to a foot of rain in parts. heavy snow could also be possible in the appalachian mountain region, public transportation in new york and new jersey is ramping down, and officials in new york city announced the evacuation of 375,000 residents in low-lying areas. new york city mayor michael bloomberg had a message for those considering riding out the storms. >> if you don't evacuate you're n
's even better news for next weekend. john alston joins us with the details. him a motoring. reporter: look behind men. one of the rare times the bridge is a ghost town. vehicles will be back tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. just in time for the monday morning traffic jam. we learned today that caltrans will not be closing the san mateo brick next weekend as originally planned. so, since friday, a caltrans contractor has installed 12 new concrete slabs, six in each direction, right at the base of the incline, part of a $3 million earthquake retrofit paid for with bridge tolls. the panels move at the joint in event of the earthquake. the san mateo bridge won't have to be shut down again next weekend. >> always want con contingency s but worked out the contractor was making great progress and we were confident we could continue. reporter: caltrans performed and repairs and maintenance while the bridge was closed down, installing new crash cushions. workers replaced or repaired 90 signs and changed light bulbs, cleaned out some weeds. this pushed traffic the bridges around the bay area on a
and witnessed the incident to give them a call. the chp tells us that the holly street exit is going to remain closed at least until they can get this car out and are finished with the investigation here on the shoulder of southbound 101. we will have more on this shooting at abc7 news at 11. reporting live in san carlos, abc7 news. >> thank you. that shooting is causing a huge mess for drivers heading southbound on 101. in this individual row from sky 7hd, you see just how bad it was. traffic was at a standstill for about an hour before that road reopened. this is a live look right now from sky 7hd above the bay shore freeway in san carlos. as you see, it is still moving at a snail's pace out there. a huge traffic jam out there tonight. >>> sky 7hd arrived on the scene of more breaking news in san jose just a short time ago. a car burt into flames after it plowed into a utility pole along northbound interstate 680. that car then landed in some bushes near the capital express way exit. the flames ignited nearby trees and shrubs. a woman escaped from the car with minor injuries. the driver suff
troublemakers decide to set more fires on wednesday. he told us he believes that wednesday will be different because the rally will be held early in the day, and there won't be that kind of kol-driven violence we saw last night. >> let's hope so. thank you. at the civic cent 10,000 ople packed the plaza he yocan see crews cleaning up the mess they left behind. not too much of one. the work finished by noon, including removeal of the giant jumbo tron screen. in just minutes we'll bring you the report on the planning underway now for that big day of celebration on wednesday. >> very exciting stuff. now an update on sandy. battering the east koflt tonight. it made land fall at 5:00 our time. sandy has been down graded from a hurricane to a post tropical depression. >> now, she's left more than 1.5 million people without power. the jersey shore got a major pounding today. wave waves from point pleasant to new jersey and the town of seaside hit by a huge storm of storm water. >> here is the picture from new york city. sandy is churning up waters of new york harbor, stock markets are closed. it wi
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